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In January of 2019, Katie took over 4731 Telegraph Ave, changing the location from a “Tara’s Organic Ice Cream,” into her own business “I Scream Donuts.” After some building updates, Katie opened “I Scream Donuts,” in April of 2019.

Read more about the change of ownership here: https://m.eastbayexpress.com/WhatTheFork/archives/2018/12/26/taras-organic-ice-cream-in-temescal-to-become-i-scream-donuts

Read more about Katie and “I Scream Donuts,” here: http://www.oaklandmagazine.com/July-2019/New-Take-on-Doughnuts/

I Scream Donuts
4731 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

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